Swimming Pool Construction & Renovation Services in Sydney

Swimming Pool Construction & Renovation Services in Sydney


Whether you are looking for information on Pool Renovations, Pool Construction, Pool Building, Pool Ideas or Pool design, ALGT has all your options covered.

Should it be pool around your landscaping or landscaping around your pool?

ALGT offers our client the very best advice and experience in pool renovating and swimming pool construction as part of their overall landscaping service.

Swimming pools are spectacular any time of the day or night an offers the property owner a distinctive way of complimenting the complete design of your home.

Building a pool is all about ensuring that the completed pool renovation or newly built pool will blend in with the overall landscape look and feel of your garden design.

Using glass sides within the interior of your new pool is both alluring and charming, whilst added to this striking feature will be the interior and outside pool lighting carefully positioned in pre planned strategic locations to bring it all alive.

Contemporary pool designs can be built in many different shapes and sizes depending on the availability of the landscape area available.

Pool features, pool side shade areas, stone clad wall features or even a high tech spa bath area built in to compliment those beautiful warm summer evenings will offer many leisure focused memories for all.

And if space is limited dont despair because a lap pool will be the solution stretching alongside your home or running parallel to a boundary wall with an outside undercover deck bbq area built in for gourmet food lovers.

Incorporating the smart use of travertine, bluestone, or even shifting sand paving products, offer state of the art pool side finishes whilst swimming pool copings and bullnoses or even wall cladding and pier caps offer smart design solutions to many completed pool renovations.

Placing extensive foliage around the garden perimeter allows your family or visitor to enjoy an exotic environment from any where within or around the pool side area.

Using natural stone products such as pebbles and feature rocks within the garden area around your newly completed swimming pool makes for modern day landscape thinking.

Natural stone can be supplied in different sizes and colours more than enough to blend into the planned garden landscape colour scheme decided on.

Dont forget to discuss some sensible pool fencing ideas such as glass pool balustrades which offer a clear crisp view of your completed newly renovated pool and catering fully for the safety factors needed to be considered.

Pool fencing is a must when you have small children and designing the correct type of pool fencing to cater for safety is essential.

Frameless glass pool fencing projects a natural clean look to the naked eye and will enhance the style look and appeal of you newly built or renovated pool.

Generally we begin thinking about how to design your new landscaping garden completely around your new pool area, allowing the focal point of the newly built pool area to be a centerpiece of activity.

The fact is that todays pool builders and designers like A.L.G.T are up to date with not only the latest in swimming pool designs but also the latest products that may be used to compliment the beauty that a newly built pool or renovated pool will deliver.

We cover all aspects such as.

  • Pool designing and planning
  • Pool construction
  • Pool paving and pool surrounds
  • Pool water features
  • Pool tiling
  • Pool fencing
  • Pool paving
  • Pool coping and bull noses
  • Wall cladding and pier caps
  • Feature pool fencing
  • Curved pool coping
  • Pool tiling
  • Pool lighting