Designing and Building Retaining Walls in Sydney

Designing and Building Retaining Walls in Sydney

Within the realm of including retaining wall features in your commercial or residential landscape projects, many factors will need to be considered when determining what type of retaining wall should be constructed.

Garden or Landscape retaining walls offer a constructive solution to certain areas or space within the commercial or residential landscape project and there are many products on the market to choose from.

In timber retaining walls, treated pine logs, treated hardwood sleepers and treated pine sleepers may blend in perfectly into the final landscape look and feel whereas on the other hand, stone or brick retaining walls, concrete blocks or even sandstone are always popular when considering constructing your retaining wall.

Building a retaining wall with natural stone in the construction of commercial or residential landscaping projects, offers an earthy look and feel, whilst is subtle and elegant as well as providing a variety of colours, shapes and textures to work with.

When building a retaining wall an interlocking construction method allows garden edges and beds to blend into the background of the completed feature wall.

It is best you leave the planning of your retaining wall to the landscaping experts at A.L.G.T. because foundations need to be carefully considered, along with council permits which may need to be obtained depending on the size and purpose of the retaining wall considered.

Consideration drainage aspects, along with choice of materials to ensure cost effective labour is maintained and making sure the retaining wall to be installed are just some of many factors needed to be considered in landscape retaining wall construction.

If you are considering a boulder type retaining wall then we would recommend either bushrock, cut sandstone, granite or blue rock all allowing a natural look to the completed commercial or residential landscaping project.

Ask us about any of the below styles of retaining walls:

  • Sandstone retaining walls
  • Timber retaining walls
  • Brick retaining walls
  • Stone retaining walls
  • Concrete retaining walls
  • Bushrock retaining walls
  • Blue rock retaining walls
  • Boulder walls
  • Quarry rock walls
  • Block retaining walls
  • Crib walls
  • Crib walls with render board

Retaining walls offer the function of leveling, retaining or terracing an area that is sloped as well as giving support for certain garden areas, patios and driveways.

When building a retaining wall planning for a purpose is the key.

The more restricted the landscape area is the greater the need to construct a retaining wall as part of your landscaping project.

Not only will a retaining wall offer a great visual effect but will also enhance many landscape elements such as plants, paving, your lawn area and mulching, not to mention the material used such as native stone, timbers and coloured concrete bricks and blocks will look fresh and appealing.

Designing and building retaining walls for any residential or commercial landscaping project needs to be planned by professional landscape designers such as ALGT because many factors such as length,slope,soil content,hight and of course ensuring the foundations are solid need to be carefully planned.