Landscape Design Services in Sydney

Landscape Garden Design Services in Sydney

As professional garden designers in Sydney, Australian Landscape Garden and Tree Service understand how a successful landscape garden should fundamentally connect with nature and offer distinctive appeal.

Our organization will design a new landscape garden or re design your existing garden all with a touch of our landscaping skill and expertise, whilst carefully considering that garden landscaping must function as an extension of your home.

Every landscape projects starts with the design based on a specific landscape area which leads to the initial plan drawings of the project.

The essence of a traditional landscape design should result in a sense of tranquility, peace and harmony, whilst your surroundings such as the latest pool tile and pavers, the proper selection of plants, the building of water and rock features all nestled in and around the landscaped area offers above all the ultimate sanctuary.

A successful landscape design plan is the by product of careful thought and experience which ensures the final landscape project meets all expectations.

Our services can be summarized here.

  • Initial consultation and sketch plan
  • A complete landscape site analysis
  • Landscape concept plan
  • Drafting & plan drawing including CAD.
  • Additional Drawings for a Construction Certificate as required
  • Landscape design plan
  • Council DA submission
  • Landscape project management
  • Vegetation management plans & surveys.
  • Pool deck and pergola designs
  • Arboriculture consultancy

Australian Landscape Garden and Tree Service will undertake the complete process of dealing with councils and council regulations necessary to complete the development application.